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24.2 Lift 2.2

January 5, 2011

The Lift team is pleased to announce Lift 2.2. In the three months since the 2.1 release, the team has closed over 100 tickets and made significant improvements to Lift based on community feedback.
Lift is an elegant, expressive framework that allows any size team build and maintain secure, highly interactive, scalable web applications quickly and efficiently. Lift is built on Scala and compiles to JVM byte-code. Lift applications deploy as WAR files on popular application servers and web containers including Jetty, Glassfish and Tomcat. Lift applications can be monitored and managed with the same proven infrastructure used to manage and monitor any Java web application. Lift is open source licensed under an Apache 2.0 license.

Lift features include:

Lift 2.2 improvements include:

Lift-powered sites include:

Please join the Lift community and help use grow Lift. And a super-big thanks to the 30+ Lift committers who have grown the Lift community and code-base to what it is today... and what it will be in the future!
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